November 08, 2010

Outfit of the day. Black and brown mix.

Since I'm still dealing with my personal drama I haven't felt like dressing up for the past week. I guess tonight was pretty much the most dressed up I have been this whole week. No make up either, except for some mascara.
My parents came to see me today with my brother, so we had some dinner out and relaxed at home. I also worked today, which is something I enjoyed.

I wore: Leather jacket from Victoria's Secret dot come, scraf from H&M, Bag from Jimmy Choo for H&M, dress from Madewell, and shoes were bought by my mother in Ukraine, last winter and I love them!!!
I'm starting to feel like Christmas is coming soon! Is your holiday spirit cheared up too?
till next time...


  1. Thanks for the very sweet comment! :) That bag is to die for! ;) Don't you just love H$M scarves? :)

  2. yes I do! they've got some great deals!!!

  3. That bag is sooo cute! I think it's a good way to incorportate the leopard print in, I'm too scared to use it too much, but I love your bag!! And no, I definately would not have guessed you were doing dentistry (regarding the comment you left on my blog)!! Lucky you have so many things you are good at then, fashion as well as smarts!

  4. i love the christmas season - it also mean my Niece's birthday (day after) - so it's always fun!!

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    *kiss kiss*

  5. i'm feeling the holiday spirit too, i love it! but babe is everything alright? i'm always here if you wanna grab a drink or coffee and chit chat. let me know! ps looking fabulous as alwaysss

  6. Gorgeous outfit.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!!

  7. I want your jacket!!!

  8. I do not feel yet like xmas, like your total black look Olya

  9. lovely printed bag!! love it!!
    and i love your leather jacket..

    Hopefully, you can visit my blog and enter the GIVEAWAY.

  10. Your brother is so cute!! I love your scarf! I'm dreading the Christmas shopping but here it comes! xoxooxxo

  11. I love this animal print bag! And I have a question: where are you from?

    new post:

  12. Hi Olya! What a nice brother you have :-)

  13. Hey! seems like I totally missed this post! Those boots from Ukraine are so pretty! I saw similar ones on asos in black and beige/grey and want them but I feel like I've spend too much lately...I really want them! They are gorgeous Olya! And what a cute brother girl!


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