April 29, 2011

OOTD - Easter 2011 edition

Hello, my dear readers! Finally, I successfully posted this post. I tried about 10 times to upload pictures to my blog this week and it was giving me an error each time. And today, I decided I was going to give it one last try and it worked!!! I don't know what was the problem before, but I'm happy that it worked this time.
So, here is my Easter outfit. I went to see my parents. AND... crap, I forgot my shoes!!! So, I just asked Nazar's cousin to get any pair of my shoes for me from home on their way to my parents house. Crazy me! I cannot believe I did that! it was disappointing. But the show must go on. Therefore, pretend like you do not see the shoes.

I wore: Trench coat - Banana Republic, shirt and skirt from ZARA, and my heart pendant from Tiffany&Co.


  1. how could you forget your shoes? Maybe you were too tired or sth?

    Yep, you can take part in my giveaway but you have to leave the comment with email address. :)

  2. i love the skirt..i have it in the pink version :) and i was almost about to buy the blue silky top...ah i should have bought it the other day..lovely outfit dear :)

  3. You're still pretty even without the shoes you wanted to wear :) LOVE the outfit xo

  4. the banana trench coat is so pretty, very Burberry like!

  5. i saw that skirt in Zara! it looks lovely on you!


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