April 15, 2011

my mind is elsewhere...

Today I can't stop thinking about my cruise trip. It seems like a dream, a dream that happened loooong time ago. I looked over some pictures, because I want to print some of them out and make an album and my heart sunk into very warm and happy memories... ahh...life on vacation is the best... These pictures that I'm posting are from Puerto Rico, Old San Juan city. I'm dying to go back there!!! all I need to do now is break my piggy bank and buy a ticket to paradise. I think I might...

{ I wore: grey shirt from Target, jean shorts from American Eagle(summer 2010), sandals from Zara(summer 2010), hat bought in St. Thomas.bangle from Club Monaco}

{Boyfriend wore: shirt form H&M, shorts from American Eagle, sandals from American Eagle, hat bought in Aruba, sunglasses - Kenneth Cole.}

Is there any place that you want to go back to?


  1. God, I always wanted to go to Puerto Rico, so I'm so jealous!

    Do you think the same way that week od holidays is one week too little? :) I always say that I'm rested after two weeks holidays. :)

  2. Kingaaaa, I totally agree. One week is not enough:( 10 days or 2 weeks is much better.

  3. Oh i love these photos! It makes me excited about holidays!! Bring them on! xx

  4. Hey thanks for your comment! I haven't met too many people from New Jersey either!

    I want to go back to Puerto Rico..I went when I was younger but I have family there and have been dying to go back. Especially after lookng at these pictres!

  5. I almost missed this post! you look great with that hat on and so does your bf! or shall I say your fiancee! and the lazy cat is so cute!

  6. This is beautiful!!! Love your nails!




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