April 23, 2011

Cruise outfits

I did not know what to blog about today. My camera is empty of picture and I haven't had a chance to take any. So, I reached into my photo library on Picasa and found few outfit pictures from my cruise.
When you go on a cruise, the last thing you want to do is put outfits together. You also don't have time to do it. So, my recommendation is to prepare ahead of time. Dresses are the easiest things to bring with you! But make sure you bring the ones that do not wrinkle much. Otherwise, you will be walking around in wrinkles.
And YES, I definitely overpacked for this cruise!
I hope you will enjoy this little post and will tell me: in your opinion, what is the best clothing item to bring on vacation?(destination - warm places!!)


  1. someone is slacking! come back to ur blog, it needs u!!!


  2. wow you were pretty dressed up on the cruise, that off white dress is gorgeous! I can not live without dresses so I pack all kinds of, beach dress, day dress, night dress, even my pj's are dresses (or well baby doll!)


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