August 03, 2010

It was my birthday!

Man, I'm 24!!! And, I can say now that I'm in my mid twenties!!! It's crazy!!!
The day before my birthday I met up with some friends for dinner. It was fun, but I could have defenitely planned something more fun.... lol... Idk.
All of my friends are so sweet and gave me lovely gifts. I hope they know that they didnt have to do that, and that I would have been happy if they would just show up to dinner:)
But I have to say that the gifts are really cool and I will be doing a birthday haul sometimes this week.
Girl Power

I made a very realistic wish, but lets see if it actually happens:)

My baby
self picture on the night of turning 24:)
at home after every one left. counting minutes till
August 2nd - my actual birthday day. Nazar not wanting to eat his ice cream
I love mine:) the sky behind me was so cool!!!

see?! he didnt finish his ice cream and just put it in my bowl. Grossssss...

How was you weekend, ladies? did you do anything fun?

( Black top H&M, army green pants Zara, black silver studs clutch a gift from one of my friends, black patent leather pumps Aldo, golden summer sandals Zara, black zipper dress Zara)

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  1. Amazing party!

  2. we're in the same age then. :) Happy Birthday girl!

  3. Happy Birthday, Olya!

    24 is not a problem ;) I'm 29!! And I feel ok :)

    I like your hair, really great!

  4. wowwww olha!!!! u look amazing!!!! happy bday again my love, i left a message for u on twitter and i wanted to call u last night but didnt know if it was too late or not...let me know if i can call u today ok? in the first pic with the girls u all look fabolous, def girl power lol ;) and im loving the one with nazar, very cute and u look great! alright girlie, let me know ok...write on facebook if u can, cuz that one i check pretty often...lots of kisses and glad u had a good birthday!


  5. happy bday sweetie! you are still young, don't worry! and I must say I LOVE YOUR ARMY PANTS!!!!! They are to die for!!!! oh my! i must go get some ;)


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