August 14, 2010

I went shopping today...

Yes, I went shopping today... Mainly because last Monday I lost my Tiffany earrings at the beach. I know, I'm really stupid to wear any type of jewelry to the beach, but I totally forgot to take them off. And this huge wage came at me and after that... good bye, my favorite Tiffany earrings. So... because I liked them so much and they were a gift from Nazar, I went to Tiffany's and got them. Except now they are $25 more, than they used to be... yeah, I'm stupid. But lesson learned:) AND, I took these pictures of the cutest wrapping that they do for their customers!

I also got few other things: Madewell 1937 harrem pants (on sale for $16), MAC blending brush (#224), MAC tinted lip moisturizer, and L'Occitane soap and lotion pack "Cherry blossom" scent.

p.s. I also tried on Hunter rain boots and they do not fit me right:( I was kind of upset, but it's ok, at least now I will not spend $125 on rainboots:)

xoxo, Olya


  1. HeOh my TIFFANY!!! very nice earrings! I love small pearl size earrings, its pretty much what I wear everyday! And the Hunter also looked weird on me but I think its normal, because when I see them on girls I love them...So I will try them once more I think!

  2. and by the way, the same exact thing happened to me last year in Portugal...I never leave the house without my pearl earrings and just like you, a big wave came and bye bye pearl earrings...So moral of the story, the beach is for simply cheap plastic jewelry ONLY!!!

  3. madewell is one of my favorite stores, ever.

  4. L'Occitane cherry blossom is my fav!!!!

  5. hee girl!
    im going to denmark because im gonna study there for 5 months fashion design.
    So thats really exciting!

    great post btw :)

    (check out my new post: golden rings)


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