February 26, 2010

The outcome

Hi everyone! Just stopping by to show you the outcome of the vlog on
how to curl your hair. I did the old Hollywood curls paired with red
lips. I thought it came out pretty well. My hair is about past
shoulder length, so curling it makes it look more put together, than
just straightening it.
And we had snow day again! There is so much snow everywhere and I'm
the only one who showed up to work. Which kind of sucks, it's really
boring, but at least I get my stuff done:)
Talk to you later guys!!! Enjoy the snow:)


  1. oh my god! you look great! i like the idea of a vlog by the way. i've often thought about doing them but i feel like i'd be a little weird and odd.

  2. i feel vry odd!!! thats why i need to prepare myself for this. lol


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