February 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Ate!!!!

Happy Birthday to this blog!!! I am super excited about today's event!!!
I almost missed my blog's birthday!!! It's been a whole year!!! It might not seem like a lot, but so many things happend in this one year. The Ate helped me to show the other side of me, which is not just school and science, it's more girly and more me. I'm also very happy about the friends that I made here. Thank you all so much!!!!
Later on today I will write a post about the contest, that I'm doing. I will not discuss the prize, but it's nice, so everyone is welcome to enter! All the rules and conditons will be posted in that post.
XOXO, Olya

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  1. yay! one year old! that means my blog has a birthday too! we started ours around the same time you know.


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