October 01, 2010

September beauty favorites.

This month I found some really good products that will stay in my cosmetic bag for a while. And there are some repeats. I will try to make this sweet and short:)
1. Proactiv Repairing Lotion. Spot acne treatment that works like magic.
2. Lancome eye makeup remover. It's really gentle and unlike other oily makeup removers did not cause an allergic reaction.
3. Teint Idole fresh wear Lancome foundation. It promices 18 hours of shine free look. Of course it doesn't last that long, but the thing that I love about it is that it goes on smoothly and leaves my face looking fresh and natural.
4. Epicuren Colostrum cream. One little drop of this cream moisturizes entire face without leaving it greasy.
5. Urban Decay All Nighter long lasting makeup setting spray. Keeps my makeup flawless throughout the day. I really like it!
6. Matrix Sleek. Look Smoothing system - Step 4 Sealing Serum. Great to keep those flyaways tamed.
7. MAC lipstick in Jazzed. I love this color with my tan skin. Summer gave me a nice glow and it looks nice, without overpowering orange tint.
8. Sally Hansen Diamond strength no chip base coat. I switched to this one from Revlon one, and I like it, cause it dries faster.
9. Essie's Lollipop nail polish. PERFECT bright red.
10. Some regular and cheap eyelash curler. It made it to this list because i've been using it every day this entire month. And I like it.
11. Loreal Secrets professional primer. It was on my list last month too and I have to say it works very well. What it does is minimizes the appearance of pores and gives make up a good base.
12. ELF duo eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl. I mentioned it few times and it is on my all time favorites.
This is it for the months of September. I hope this will help you guys to get more idea about some products that you might have wanted to try.
XOXO, Olya


  1. Hi Olya!! I think I will buy Lancome foundation too. Another products they don't sell in Russia. (just mac and sally hansen)
    have a nice weekend :)

  2. I like your picks but many I haven't tried and I do recognize a usual one from your monthly lists and that is the Proactive solution! I also use it but I have switched recently to a different face wash from the Body Shop and I am really satisfied! I'll try making a little post like yours ;)
    Have a lovely w-e!

  3. love it! i can't go without an eyelash curler either! :)


  4. i painted my nails red yesterday and i thought of you!

  5. thank you Irina!!! let me know if you want something, I can send it to you!!!

  6. aww... Vicky! I love red nails!

  7. Natalie, i like the heated eyelash curler more than this one. you should try it.


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