October 25, 2010

Item of the season: The Denim Shirt.

Tonight was our date night. We went to this italian restaurant near our house and had some wine with our dinner. It was nice. I think going on dates is very important, even for those who are married. It's not the same to have dinner together at home. It doesn't give me the "spark". And everyone needs a "spark" from time to time:)

Now as for this seasons IT item, it has to be this denim shirt. I think it was on my summer must have list as well. I love it! I wore it 3 times this week!
I'm wearing: Denim shirt - ZARA, leather jacket Victoria's Secret, leggings - Target, boots - Intyce Steve Madden boots, ring, bracelet and necklace - Pandora, bag - Long Champ.
Do you think date nights are important?


  1. combination of too many colors. imho it would be better to either have a brown leather jacket, or to wear black boots with this outfit.

  2. nice jacket, Olya. :)

    you look nice in your denim shirt and I'm jealous because I look like a worker in this kind of shirts. :P

    and I do think that date nights are important.

  3. Anonymous, I'm not a big fan of matching things. But you can do that of u like to recreate this outfit. Thanks for advise and reading:)

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  5. I friggin; love those boots. I want them.

  6. I love other people in denim shirts, but I don't feel that I can pull them off and it makes me so sad!!

    I think date nights are SO important, even if its just going out for a few drinks, or a movie, or local dinner. My bf and I try do it once a week, or at least once a fortnight. Even if your busy I think taking the time keeps it special :-)

    Great post, as always!

  7. I agree with you on that. Great jacket, btw :)

  8. thanks for comment!

    You look great!

  9. love love the jacket,and I know you do too!


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