October 15, 2010

Lauren Conrad Style. Nicole Richie Priceless. House of Holland chain suspender tights.

I've made few purchases online recently and just wanted to share them with you. It's nothing exciting but GOOD. I really enjoyed Nicole's Priceless novel ($15 at amazon.com). It was easy to read and catchy. I haven't felt like this since I finished reading the Twilight saga ( but don't get me wrong - it's nothing like Twilight!!!), but that might be just me. So, I recomend reading it.

Lauren Conrad wrote a book ($15 at amazon.com) on style and fashion. It's a cute coffee table book. You can't really read it, but it looks and feels great. I think fashonistas around the globe understand what I mean.

And last purchase was from Topshop. And even though I do like teh tights ($30) that I got, I was very dissatisfied with the quality of packaging from Topshop. Let me elaborate on that:

1. the box that tights were in was ripped and looked like someone opened it before me.
2. it had a price sticker on the box, which wasn't very carefuly remove - sloppy!!!
3. shipping cost $10 flat, took forever to arrive, and came in a very weird envelope!!!!
And that's it.
Let me know if any f you got Nicole's book "Priceless" and what did you think about it.


  1. I wanted to get Lauren Conrads' books and it's impossible in Poland. damn, hope to get them in April when I'll be in London. :D

  2. Kingaaaa, thanks for giving me an idea for my next giveaway! I think it would be a good book to giveaway as a prize.

  3. I want to get Lauren Conrads's books!
    I just don't have the time to read them because of school..

  4. I haven't read either of these but I really want to read the Lauren Conrad one!

    Thanks for your lovely comment,xxx


  5. Hey sweetie! I have almost the same tights from Henry Holland but they are slightly different and I have them for months now and I've only wore them once...silly me! But I know what you mean about topshop! I have ordered a BIG package which I am anxiously awaiting and its been more than 2 weeks and I am use to order from the UK (ASOS) and get my stuff in 1 week or less! Plus their customer service is bad and taked forerver to reply to my emails!
    bad bad bad...but what can you do when you want stuff from them?
    So I didn't know about NR's book, what I know is that her jewelry line is great and that might inspire me to read her book but LC is just not my cup of tea...hehehe!

  6. great post!!


  7. i love amazon :D i usually order from amazon UK instead of France cause of the better deals. i've ordered from topshop only once but it was for thigh high boots so the box was pretty sturdy albeit with dents here and there. thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Love, M

  8. Looove those tights!!!! I haven't got the book but I think it would be a great present for the hubby to make meeee..lol


  9. Sissy a la Mode, I've been reding your blog for a while, but : YOU ARE MARRIED???!!!
    I didn't know!!! Congratulations!


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