May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

Hello, my dear friends!
This weekend was amazing! Mostly due to the beautiful weather that we are having right now. Also in US it was a long weekend, so it's always nice, cause we get to relax a bit more:)
I am in a moving mode. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but N and I are moving. Our move in day is June 1st, and we are super excited!!! I really cannot wait! It's going to be so nice!
I have started packing some of my things(shoes), and as much as it feels overwhelming, it gave me a chance to go through my things and find things that I forgot they existed!

{I wore: Tank - Aerie, skirt - Forever 21, clutch from Lohmanns, shoes - gift from a friend, side way cross necklace from, watch- Michael Kors, sunglasses - Aerie}

I hope you had a nice weekend and hope to see you here soon!


  1. the look is adorable!! I love those colours, especially for summer =))

  2. Aren't you having too much pleasure? :P Long weekend, ah, I'm just jealous because I'd use some few more free days. :)

    I have to tell you that you look perfect in this outfit. And I adore this skirt.

  3. that shot with the shades is awesome! i love seeing the reflection!

  4. you look great! that skirt is so pretty, totally my style!


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