May 05, 2011

April Beauty Favorites.

Hello, my dear friends!
I thought that this post was not going to happen tonight, since I caught some sort of cold/flu, but I worked out in spite of the sickness, and felt a little better.
So, I did not do a March favorites simple because I used the same exact products as I used in February, and did not try anything new.
In April though, I ran out of mascara and wipes, plus changed up my products a little and have a brand new list of favorites for you;)
Let's begin!
1. My absolute favorite old time Shiseido Multi-Shade enhancer. I always come back to this bronzer when I'm a little tan. It's a LOVE FOREVER! even though, I'm always looking for new products to try out;). {Nordstrom $36}
2. ELF eye shadow duo in Mocha Swirl. I use the lighter color for highlight or all over the lid with the darker color in the crease. { $1}
3. Maybelline One By One volume mascara. I hate plastic brushes, but this one is really nice. Separates lashes very well, gives them volume and length. And is super black. {Target $6}
4. MAC eyeshadow in Haux. Such a lovely crease color. It's matte, but I do see a little tiny tiniest shimmer. Maybe I'm imagining it or maybe it's there. {MAC counter $14}
5. My old beat up eyelash curler from WalMart by MaxFactor. I bought this years ago. And I know, I need to get a new one, but every time I am about to get one, I feel bad throwing this one out. It's been with me for so long. I will miss it;) { it was probably $3}
6. Bare Minerals foundation in color medium. I don't know why I use this foundation in color light before. It is definitely not my match, but medium looks flawless on me. I've been using it every single day in the months of April, and I cant get enough. { $25}
7. Yes to blueberries facial wipes. I love my yes to cucumbers wipes, but decided to get these instead and try them out. Yes to Blueberries is age refining collection from Yes!, and I love them just as much as the other ones I use. And they smell very fresh!
8. My new obsession in nail color is this baby blue nail polish from Brucci. The name of this color is Kathy's baby blues. It's so pretty!!! and all you need is 2 coats. {Rite Aid $4}
9. Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Works like MAGIC!!! Ever since I started using this top coat, it takes me less than 10 min to do my nails. And I am out the door!!!{ local beauty supply store $10, but I also saw it in Target for $10}
10. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base coat. I usually buy Sally Hansen base coats, they are very good. And this one was {$2 at Rite Aid.}
Swatches of the nail polish:


  1. haha, I know Elf eyeshadows from somewhere (well, I got them from the girl, you know her, she lives in the USA :P).

    OK, now seriously, I adore these eyeshadows and colour of nail polish is to die for.

    Hey, get better quickly because it's spring and that means that there are no colds, flus etc. :) Yeah yeah, I'm so smart talking and I've got cold too because of this kind of weird snow from Tuesday... Yep, I even had snow in Warsaw...

  2. what, did you say SNOW????? thats freaking crazy!!! even though it was so cold today here that I thought it might as well be winter again;(

  3. the nail colour is soo gorgeous!!! get better, being sick sucks
    Lydz xX

  4. the nail polish is lovely!xx

  5. Ahhh amazing color-I am so into blue at the mo! x

  6. i must try those wipes! pretty polish color.

  7. The elf eyeshadow is such a pretty duo of colors! Great neutral shades. The baby blue shade also looks great on you!

  8. p.s. Just saw your about me and i am also a biology student! lol and my escape is makeup and fashion as well! Hey we all need something refreshing between all the anatomy biology and genetics! lol

  9. Love the naipolish!
    I have eyelash curler by Shiseido, I like it so much too!


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