September 13, 2010

New York Fashion Night Out

Hi guys! so I know, it's seems like FNO was ages ago, and I'm way late with this post, but still. So, it wasn't that easy for me to get to the city. I drove for an hour, took the train for another hour, then took subway to uptown. Long day, I tell you. But it's worth it.
Here it is. And all I have to say is that Rosario Dawson is the sweetest!
AND I SAW ANJA RUBIK!!! No picture though, cause she was literally passing next to me and only smilled when I called her name. Apparently, she didn't know which entrance was she supposed to use @ Bergdorf Goodman, so there she was. She's really tall and skinny!
I also saw Jason Wu in Bergdorf, but I wasn't sure if it was him until he was gone. lol.
I'm telling you, people were so dressed up, that it was hard to know if they are celebrities or regular joes.

Dakota Fanning @ Prada
Rosario Dawson @ Bottega Vaneta
Tommy Hilfiger models:)

My outfit wasn't all "out there" like I would want it to be for that night, but due to my traveling issues it had to be comfortable. I did change shoes from flats to heels and vice versa (4 times to be correct).

I wore: Tank top from ZARA, jacket from Calvin Klein, military pants from ZARA, flats from Juicy Couture (summer 09), heels from Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, and bag/clutch from JImmy Choo for H&M collection 2009.


  1. I think Rosario Dawson is so great actor.
    I love her style!

  2. finally the FNO post! lol...u all looked great! im loving ur pic with the hilfiger models lol i just wish u guys would have taken more pics...anyway dont fall behind on ur blogging cuz i miss ya! xoxo


  3. Oh that is so cool you got to be part of the fashion night and saw Rosario and Anja! I love your straight and shinny your hair is and your make up is amazing! Plus this outfit is so in!!! You look amazing.

  4. Yeahh u really rock your FNO in NYC girl!!! U changed 2 times your shoes??? LOL really a record ; )

  5. Valeria, yeah, i wish we could take more pics. It was hard to do so with all the stuff we had with us. And for some reason I wasnt in the mood to take pics. Plus all the traveling killed my feet. But still, I had a lot of fun:)

  6. Catita, thank you so much girl, for all the compliments:)
    As for my hair, I'm using the It's a 10 product with my GHD flat iron. I love that iron!!!

  7. Sissy a la Mode, I loved your FNO outfit! simply gorgeous!!!

  8. I Adore Your Blog Hun! I am a newly follower!
    Hope to see more great posts from you!


  9. Oh my!!! The Tommy Hilfiger models are gorgeous...:D


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