December 05, 2009

Shopping!!! Part 1

Ok, so I'm actually going to start with my face wash products. I got a new set about 2 weeks ago and I have to tell you about it! It is really good! My skin is at its best that it has ever been. These products are made in New Jersey and you can search Christine Valmy and order this stuff online. It's AMAZING!!!

And these are the things that I got today from the top: Macys: 1)Lancome mascara - Virtuose in black carat ($24.50), 2)MAC -eyeliner in black ($14), 3)Prescriptives- eyeliner in iron grey ($12.00). Rite Aid: 1) Eyeshadow brush fromEcotools ($5.00), 2)Jesse's Girl- Eyeliner in brown ($1.99)

MAC eyeshadow in shale satin (macys $14), Maybelline eyeshadow in sunlit bronze (Target $4.89), Jesse's girl single eyeshadow in envy (Rite Aid $3.99). The last 5 singles are from Jesse's Girl too ($3.99 each)!

Jesse's Girl eye dust from the top clockwise:1)Cafe au lait, 2) Sunset BLVD., 3) Fruit punch, 4) Antique green, 5) Sunstone.
And let me tell you, these are amazing!!!! The colors are super pigmented and stay on all day. I absolutely love them and the price is perfect. I think that these are something like MAC. They are sold at Rite Aid stores only or online at
Love, love, love!!!

These are from Target: 1)Brucci in Golden red ($2.50), Sally Hansen in Made me blush and Cherry nice (on sale for $4.50 each).

This is Sally Hansen Cherry nice but the color looks different. It is more of a pink red, like a berry red.

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