November 15, 2009

My Jimmy Choos.

Hello!!! Yesterday was such a long day but it was really cool cause I got to spend time with my friends and we went to the NYC to get ourself some nice stuff.
At the H&M, the line was going all the way around the block. They led the first 160 people in with the bracelets and the rest had to wait until they were done. In total we waited about 4 hours. Our feet hurt, but we didnt give up! Once we were in the Jimmy Choo section (30 people at a time), we had 8 minutes to pick out our stuff. It was pretty crazy. I had time to try on 2 pairs of shoes and grab 2 bags. The belt that I wanted so much was gone by the time we got there, but anyway, I got some goodies! The best about these accessories is that everything is made out of a very soft leather and once you get your hands on them, you dont want to let go. I ended up buying 1 pair of shoes and 2 bags.
By the way, there was also clothing collection, but when we entered the store the racks were already empty. Haha! Then we saw some pieces from collection hanging on the racks because people simply left them there. Anyway, it was an experience! I loved it!!!
After H&M we went to Topshop and it was a bit dissapointing. First of all, the store is huge!!!! I cannot even imagine having enough strength to go through the entire store and picking stuff out, plus trying them on. It's impossible!!! We just sort of looked around and didnt find much to buy. Also it's a little expensive. Their clothes is the same quality as Urban Outfitters but costs 3 times more.
In Mango, we saw Tila Tequilla shopping. It's funny but we didnt even bother to come up to her.
Mango had some nice stuff but nothing special. So, over all Jimmy Choo shopping experience was the best and I would do it all again!

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